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Community Council Campaign Guidelines

Campaign Financing 

  • No campaign is to spend more than $20.00 (if any money at all) on their campaign. 
  • Candidates are responsible for any campaign-related purchases and will not be reimbursed. 

Printed Posters & Signage 

  • Prior to posting, ALL signs must be approved by the CSD for your community.  
  • Approval process: Email flyer or photo of design/physical (handmade) posters to your CSD. They will either stamp or sign the front of one poster for you to copy and distribute with that approval on it.  
  • If unapproved/inappropriate signs are posted, judicial action may be taken, and you may be disqualified from the election.   
  • Signs may only be posted in public places (e.g., lounges, main lobby, etc.).   
  • Signs must be hung up using blue painters tape, provided for you at your front desk. That is the only item that University Housing/your community is permitted to contribute to your campaign.  
  • Signs may not be posted on railings, windows, doors, floors, or safety-equipment (e.g., fire alarms, fire extinguishers, emergency equipment). Sidewalk chalking is prohibited. 
  • No signs can, in any way, cover up another candidate’s sign that was hung previously.  
  • If a person running for a Council position, or an acquaintance of that person, removes or damages any of their competitors’ signs, they will be disqualified. 
  • Signs must be taken down within 2 days of election results posting.  

Electronic Advertising 

  • Approval process: Email advertisement to your CSD prior to posting.  
  • Candidates may campaign via personal social media accounts, but should keep all communications appropriate.  If inappropriate campaign-related communications take place, judicial action may be taken, and you may be disqualified from the election. 

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