Inter Housing Council

Learn by leading, no matter where you live

Inter Housing Council (IHC) is Cal Poly’s residential student government comprised of three groups that together enhance the resident experience guided by the IHC Execs. 

1. IHC Executive Board is comprised of five members. Together, they oversee IHC as each branch of IHC works together to meet residents' needs in their homes, while providing representatives for campus and University Housing decision-making. Not only do the Execs lead IHC in all their hard work, they exist to listen to, serve, and amplify the voices of ALL University Housing residents!

2. IHC Community Councils are student-led groups of residents who gain leadership experience by delegating funding and hosting fun, smaller-scale events in their own communities and having Senators and Presidents attend Advocacy Board on their community's behalf.

Advocacy Board brings together elected Senators from each Housing community to provide feedback on housing, campus initiatives, and community involvement. Examples of Advocacy Board initiatives include adding hydration stations and community gardens as well as advising designers on new building developments. 

3. IHC Event Team is a group of student employees who design and lead fun, large-scale, late-night, weekend events for the entire on-campus community! Past events include Escape Rooms, concerts, Magic and Laughs, Donut Festival, Amazing Race, BBQs, Mustangs Got Talent, and more. Not only can you attend these always-free events, but you can apply to this on-campus job during winter quarter!

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