Inter Housing Council

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Council Position Descriptions

Councils are made up of the following elected positions. Community Members are always welcome to attend meetings!

  1. President
  2. Vice President of Programming (VPP)
  3. Vice President of Marketing (VPM)
  4. Vice President of Administration (VPA)

Duties of all officers:

  • Attend weekly Community Council Officer meetings
  • Attend weekly Community Council meetings and programs
  • Meet individually with the Advisor(s) as needed
  • Work with Advisor(s) and other Officers to train and support all Council members in their role and responsibilities
  • Serve as a positive role model for all residents through words and actions
  • Serve as a motivator in the Community by keeping residents informed and excited about residence hall functions
  • Support University Housing team, including, but not limited to custodial staff, RAs, and CSDs

The President is the liaison between the Inter-Housing Council (IHC) and their Community.


  • Ensure completion of Council programs and initiatives, delegate responsibilities to Council members, and appoint ad hoc committees
  • Establish and support effective Council communication and mediate Council conflicts
  • Recruit Council members to fill vacant positions or areas of need
  • Assist with program planning, team development, and staffing IHC events
  • Attend weekly Friday IHC Advocacy Board meetings with Council Senator(s)
    • President will report on Council information such as upcoming programs, volunteer opportunities, building damages, funding requests, student/program/advisor recognition, and IHC committees
  • Lead Officer and Community Council meetings by providing vision and direction
  • Meet weekly with Advisor(s)
  • Non-voting member except in the case of a tie
  • In the case of officer or membership removal, shall preside over an impeachment proceedings unless the office of the President is in question; in this case, proceeding is turned over to the VPP; all impeachment proceedings are done in consultation with the CSD Advisor
Vice President of Programming (VPP)

The VPP creates and coordinates all social and educational events sponsored by Council.


  • Incorporate feedback from Officers and Council members to develop Community Council programs and activities (community-wide)
  • Attend IHC Event Team meetings to provide Council feedback for their planning of quarterly large-scale events (for all on-campus residents)
  • Conduct meetings in the absence of President
  • Develop and maintain master calendar of Council events with assistance of VPM
  • Work with Resident Advisor staff on programming topics by coordinating with the CSD Advisor to attend a monthly complex staff meeting
  • Work with Advisor(s) for social programming & intramural sports to plan system wide activities
  • Chair the Programming Committee for creating and implementing Community programs
Vice President of Marketing (VPM)

The VPM is responsible for marketing and advertisement through electronic or physical marketing materials of Council programs and initiatives.  


  • Coordinate the postings in the Community through standards set by University Housing
  • Ensure publicity and bulletin boards are timely, appropriate, and aesthetically pleasing
  • Get CSD Advisor’s approval on all publicity before being posted
  • Verbally promote Council programs  
  • Develop and maintain master calendar of Council events with assistance of VPP
  • Update Community calendar (electronic or physical)
  • Maintain all social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and the weekly newsletter
  • Maintain photography for Council by serving as photographer at all Council-sponsored events, gathering photos from residents, uploading photos to sharing outlets, and organizing the creation of slideshows to be shared at events
  • Receive training from UHTV to operate UHTV equipment
  • Chair the Marketing Committee for creating advertising for hall initiatives/events
Vice President of Administration (VPA)

The VPA is responsible for administrative duties surrounding financial management, record-keeping and Council correspondence.  


  • For Community Council - records and electronically stores, maintains and shares the minutes, agendas, budget, and roster
  • For Cal Poly and the general public – maintains and publishes files of Council meeting minutes and constitutional amendments
  • Records and electronically stores and maintains all financial records such as receipts and disbursements
  • Assists President in voting processes and counts
  • Records attendance and voting records in minutes
  • Serves as the first choice to proxy to the Advocacy Board if needed

Depending on the size of the Community and staffing, all Community Councils will have at least one Advisor who is a Coordinator of Student Development (CSD) within the community. A CSD may also appoint an RA to serve as an additional advisor.


  • Provide support, guidance, information, and procedural clarification as needed  
  • Attend all weekly Community Council Officer meetings
  • Attend all weekly Community Council meetings
  • Meet one-on-one with Community Council President weekly
  • Meet one-on-one with Community Council members as needed
  • Share Council business with University Housing and other campus departments as needed
  • Provide Council members with team development experiences each quarter
  • Non-voting member
  • Holds power to veto

Senators focus on advocating for their community and they serve as the communication link between IHC Advocacy Board and Community Council.


  • Represent their Community at weekly IHC Meetings with Council President
    • Senator will report on Council information such as upcoming programs, volunteer opportunities, building damages, funding requests, student/program/advisor recognition, and IHC committees

Number of Senators in each community is based off of the population of respective community:

  • Cerro Vista – 3
  • Santa Lucia and North Mountain (SLNM) – 3
  • Muir – 1
  • Sequoia – 1
  • Tenaya - 1
  • Fremont – 1
  • Trinity – 1
  • Sierra Madre (SM)- 3
  • Yosemite- 3
  • PCV – between 3-9 (at least 1 per PCV section, but no more than 3 per PCV section)
Committee Members (Non-elected position)

Another way to be involved in Community Council is through serving on one of the committees that are established depending on the needs of each Community. They include the Programming Committee and Marketing Committee, and others created as needed which might focus on topics like Social Justice, Recruitment, Academics, or Community Service. 


IHC Advocacy Board meetings occur every Friday at a time between 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. appointed by the group.

  • Community Council meetings run Monday at a time designated by the Advisor(s) and Officers, starting between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m.
  • Community Council Officer weekly meeting times are usually decided by the Advisor(s) and the President based on the schedules and availability of the other Officers. 

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